Invisible ladder

17 05 2007


Original photo: Eduardo Amorim

Caption: Defrost Indoors

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And so it begins

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19 05 2007
Mutterings & Meanderings

Hello, just discovered you!

My blog isn’t a horse blog per se, but my grey mare has lots of starring moments on it.

31 12 2013
weight loss

This also applies to Accounting Graduate Schemes like PWC, Deloitte, Ernest & Young
and KPMG to mention a few, as well as some Commercial Banks, Proprietary Trading Houses,
Hedge Funds, Private Equity Institutions, Investment Institutions and
other major financial institutions. There’s no require to waste
your time chasing following each lender and crunching the difficult numbers – that’s what we do
to get a living. Although all of these amounts will vary over time, this assessment
is a snapshot of your financial health today.

18 03 2014
jumbo mortgage

Interest rates for jumbo loans can cost an additional 0.

The government has tried to tackle this difficulty in a vogue by adjusting the Conforming mortgage limit
upwards in selected ‘high cost’ areas of
the nation. Yes, jumbo loans do require a substantial down payment, 20% up to
a $1,000,000 but the loans are there.

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