Big Ben Park in Perth, Ontario

24 05 2006

Big Ben Park, near the Tay River

Perth, Ontario, where Ian Millar makes his home, honours one of Canada's most successful partnerships in Canadian sport and arguably the greatest team in equestrian history. The site was dedicated in September 2005 and features a life-size statue of the pair.




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26 05 2006

I just noticed that you have me linked. wow. thank you very much, I will return the favour.

31 07 2006
Julie Turcotte


I am going to Algonquin in 2 weeks, and I noticed that there is a Big Ben Park. I am a huge fan, and have loved him ever since I can remember..When I was younger, my father took me and a group of kids to the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, and Ben was there.. But we missed him. My brother, who hates horses, mangaged to get a picture taken with him and Ben. I was quite upset.. And even though he is gone, I would really love to go to that park and meet IAN!! LOL If that is possible, please let me know.

Thank you VERY much!

A huge horse fan,

Julie Turcotte

31 07 2006

Hi Julie,

Depending on where you start from in Algonquin Park, it’ll be a half-days’ drive. See these links:

Have you read Lawrence Scanlan’s book on Big Ben? My copy is autographed by Scanlan and has an imprint of Ben’s horseshoe on it too. 🙂

Perth is a very pretty little town and if you have time it’d be worth spending a day there:

Hope you have a great trip and do let us know it went!

10 08 2006
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2 07 2008
Debbie Williamson

I wrote a children’s story about Algonquin Park, Summer Fun with Travellin’ Rick. In the story, Travellin’ Rick’s job for the family picnic was organizing some games for everyone to play.

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