House votes to stop sale of wild horses for slaughter

24 05 2006

WASHINGTON (AP) — The House directed the Interior Department on Thursday to halt the sale of wild horses for slaughter, saying that was not the purpose of the program that makes the horses and burros available for adoption.The measure, part of the department’s spending bill for the 2007 budget year, prohibits the use of agency funds for the sale or slaughter of wild, free-roaming horses and burros.

It was approved unanimously by voice vote.

“We need to stop the slaughter of wild horses and burros not only because it is morally wrong, but also because the program itself is a failure,” said Rep. Nick Rahal, D-W.Va., a sponsor of the provision.

He said the prohibition is needed to counter action by Congress in 2004 that eased animal protections that had been part of the horse and burro adoption program since its inception in 1971. Those changes opened the way for animals to be made available for commercial slaughter.

Since then, 41 wild horses have been slaughtered “and thousands more face an uncertain fate,” Rahal said.

The Bureau of Land Management, the agency that manages the adoption program, has told Congress that in light of the changes made in 2004, it had little control over what happens to the animals after they are sold.

Last year there were an estimated 32,000 wild horses and burros on public lands.




6 responses

17 09 2006
Megan Mason

I want to stop the slaughter of horses! It is cruel, and un-right! Help stop it! I own two hoses and one mustang, I love them all, and how could you kill these beautiful creatures?!?!?

29 01 2007
Erin and Diana

we think that wild horses should stay free and not be killed

18 02 2007

I own 2 horses they may not be mustangs but they act like them and I don’t know how anyone could kii them

18 02 2007

wild Horses should be free not captured and killed

6 12 2008

Wild horses should not be killed just because there not wanted were they are they should go for sale! or moved to a new area! I HATE ALL PEOPLE THAT KILL HORSES!!!!!

11 05 2010
Peter Fabricius

Wild horses should be where they are or get a better place to stay, we have used and misused them for so long that it´s time to let them have peace ((;
I realy dislike people who kills horses aswell, they shoul get a bullet them self

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