Clifford of Drummond Island

9 06 2006


Clifford of Drummond Island, by Nancy J. Bailey, is a tale of a woman and her Morgan colt Clifford. According to Amazon, This true story began when the author’s first horse died. Grief stricken, Nancy went to the same breeder for another Morgan. She thought she was “settling” when she purchased an undersized two-year-old colt instead of the mare she wanted. She was in for a big surprise! Follow the adventures of Clifford as he wins the hearts of those around him, while romping in the scenic wilderness of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Combined are tales of hand-fed chickadees, a playful hawk, a loyal German shepherd, and a unique way of life. Hilarious, heartbreaking and unforgettable, this is a story destined to become a classic.

Bailey has also written a sequel called Return to Manitou. What are YOUR favourite horse books?

UPDATE: Clifford has his own site now!




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27 06 2006

Ivor Herbert’s wonderful biography of the great steeplechaser Arkle is one of my favorites.

Lady Anne Blunt’s Journals and Correspondence 1878-1917 is a fascinating one, esp if you suffer from Arabian addiction as I do.

My Horses and Other Essays by Chas. Apperley, AKA “Nimrod” would make for tough going if you’re unfamiliar with archaic style. If you can handle a foxhunting author who was born in 1777 you will be richly rewarded. He was the first ever sports reporter who wrote while in the field.

My Dancing White Horses is one of Alois Podhajsky’s best. His love for the magnificent Lipizzans is evident on each page. His Complete Training of Horse and Rider has unfailingly answered every question I’ve ever had about riding.

19 02 2007
Clifford of Drummond Island: now with video! « Bridlepath

[…] to fill the blogosphere with pro-Morgan propaganda by bringing you this video of the real-life Clifford of Drummond Island. Brains, beauty, and a puppylike desire to be with people; what more could you ask for in a […]

15 05 2007
Book review: Riding Lessons by Sara Gruen « Bridlepath

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12 07 2007
Nancy J. Bailey

A belated “Thank you” for noticing the video! Clifford is fat and happy this summer and looking forward to starring in a third book. Any bloggers who would care to review the Clifford book, please contact me!


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