Blatant self-promotion ;)

14 06 2006

Bridlepath was mentioned in a Japanese blog…I think they like us but it’s hard to tell. 😉



3 responses

15 06 2006

Hi there!

I recently found your blog, and I’ve really enjoyed reading it. I’d love to link to it on my blog ( and get a link back, if possible.

Let me know and keep up the great work!!


15 06 2006

Geez, sorry about that! What I meant to say was, I love your blog and noticed you were already linked to ours. I don’t think we’ve returned the favor, though, so I’m going to fix that!

Cate (not crazy, just tired)

15 06 2006

It’s OK, and thanks very much for the link! Always appreciated and I really enjoy your site!

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