Troopers chase horses down interstate

6 07 2006

Don’t you LOVE it when they get out?! Have chased horses down the road myself once or twice…

In hoof pursuit — troopers chase horses down interstate

By Rod Rose

LEBANON, Ind. Traffic jams caused by road hazards along Interstate 65 aren’t that unusual. But they are when police are in hoof pursuit. Two horses caused a miles-long backup north of Lebanon shortly before noon Wednesday after they somehow got onto northbound I-65.

Officers from four police agencies gave chase — sometimes at a gallop, sometimes at a trot, and on occasion at a walk.

Speeds reached 20 mph, Boone County Sheriff Deputy Chris Crosby said.

“I have never,” Crosby said, “seen horses that determined to run down a road.”

The horses were corralled a half-mile south of Indiana 47 after officers carefully forced them to the right of a guardrail, where they were tied until their owner arrived.

The chase began when someone called Boone County dispatchers at 11:58 a.m., reporting there were two horses “running down U.S. 52 toward the interstate.”

Officers tried to trap the horses by a concrete barrier at U.S. 52, but they wouldn’t cooperate, Crosby said.

The horses headed north, and the chase began.

“I’ve chased pigs, cows, goats, sheep, ostriches even,” Crosby said. “But I’ve never chased horses before.”


“It was several years ago,” Crosby said. “Tony Harris and I got called out, trying to corral some ostriches. Those things are nine-feet-high, you know.” The ostriches were apprehended without incident or injury, he said.

Wednesday, officers were worried the horses would cross the median into southbound traffic. That might have given police no choice than to shoot the horses.

“I was afraid they were going to kill somebody,” Crosby said. “We kept trying to keep them pushed over” to the berm or side ditch of the northbound lanes.

As officers formed a rolling roadblock, the horses weaved from the side ditch to the interstate’s center line, as hundreds of vehicles began backing up behind.

Drivers going south-bound were seen laughing at the spectacle.

One of the horses bounced off a police cruiser, damaging the right-side mirror. Crosby said he nudged the other with his mirrors, trying to get the animals to yield.

Neither horse suffered serious injuries; one sustained a minor cut to the left fetlock.

Crosby said the owner told him he had just picked up one of the animals earlier that morning, from a Crawfordsville farm. One of the horses kicked down a gate and escaped. The other followed.

The owner is unknown.

“We were so happy to see him,” Crosby said, “that nobody got his name.”





2 responses

13 07 2006
Mary Risavi

The best is when you get woken up at 4 in the morning to a police officer banging on your door. I barely dragged my sleeping body out of the bed in my pajamas and answer the door. He informed me that 4 of our very young geldings are running down the road heading for a major intersection. The joys of living on the farm 🙂

5 04 2007
Horses take over American streets « Bridlepath

[…] Troopers chase horses down interstate […]

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