Make your own horse treats

12 07 2006

There’s a great recipe for Stuffed Molasses Apples at Horse Bliss, complete with luscious photo; has treat recipes for horses and wild birds; more healthy homemade goodies can be found here courtesy of the Moniteau Saddle Club; and more treats for horses and other critters here.




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17 03 2007
sophia horse lover

love horses

15 06 2008

=] I’m sure my pony, Bonnie, would love these recipes!

22 08 2008

this website is so cool

17 04 2009

my horse luved these treats and my friend tried 1 cuz she didnt no wat they were and she said that she liked them 2!!!!! lol
Whisper’s Banana Apple Treats
Bananas, very finely chopped
Powdered sugar
Cut the apples into slices, and spread the chopped bananas onto the apple slices. Drizzle honey over the fruit, and sprinkle with powdered sugar. Store in the refrigerator until hard or until you to to the barn. My horse loves bananas and apples, so this is her favorite treat!

26 04 2009

yo yo yo

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