Barbaro immortalized by Breyer

20 07 2006

Barbaro Breyer

Breyer has created a Barbaro model, with proceeds going to the New Bolton Center at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine. You can download an order form here (it’s a PDF). The models will begin shipping October 1, 2006.



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22 10 2006
Lacy Shackro

This is cool but bland. GO BARBARO!

9 11 2006
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[…] Barbaro immortalized by Breyer […]

12 12 2006
Dark Sunshine

I think it is awesome that Breyer made a model of Barbaro to honor his cause and hopefully support his treatment! At first I was a little disappointed that they made the model on the Cigar mold as I had never particularily liked the shape of that mold but now that I see the model in person it looks much better than I first expected! 🙂

8 02 2007
Devora Berliner

Great memorial to Barbaro…how can I purchase one???

8 02 2007

Unfortunately they stopped making them on January 1st, and they’re going for insane prices on eBay. 😦

23 02 2007

If you are considering getting the Barbaro Breyer, here is what he looks like, all parts.

REMINDER::: He does not come with the race equiptment. I bought that seperatley.

24 02 2007

Lauren, your links didn’t come through, I’m afraid.

24 02 2007

sorry, here are the real links..

25 02 2007

Thanks Lauren! That’s gorgeous. For some reason that teeny little sheepskin noseband really pleases me. 🙂

25 02 2007

no problem.. it’s just when i got mine, i thought that the mark on the left hind foot was a scratch, and there were no pictures of the markings on it.. so i wanted everybody to know it wasnt a scratch or anything.. and also just to show what it looks like

3 03 2007

Breyer to reissue Barbaro model due to overwhelming demand

Bowing to the phenomenal demand for the critter, which had only been available from October 1 2006 to January 1 2007, Breyer announced that it will be reissuing the Barbaro model. If you missed it last time, now’s your chance.
Breyer’s Barbaro…

29 01 2008
Greg Squires

These horses are really nice looking. It’s unfortunate that they’re not available anymore. I’ve seen some other model toy horses at Paradise Horses, and they have some similar collectible horses as Breyer. Thanks for maintaining a cool blog site!

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