Bits, bridles and bling?

24 07 2006

Some very wild tack and accessories available these days. At Cowgirl Bling, you can order a western breastcollar with blinking lights. Great for those late-night rodeos, I guess. 😉 Actually, it’s not a bad safety feature either if you’re riding at night…

Cowgirl Bling also offers halters with Swarovski crystals and other wild stuff, while Horse Lovers Outlet will custom-make your tack with any combination of colours, studs, rhinestones, etc. if you can’t find exactly what you want. How about some diamond crystals on a brightly coloured halter?
English riders need not feel left out! Equestrian Collections offers blingy bug muffs, decorated browbands and glitzy saddle pads too. You’ll probably want to make sure they coordinate with your stirrup irons and spurs. Dover has some browbands as well. You can also carry a crystal-embedded crop, add crystals to your helmet or gloves, or get custom bling added to a pad.

While it isn’t particularly shiny, this “flower power” pad will certainly get you noticed. If that’s a little too much, how about these adorable Thelwell pads?

We may have hit the bling motherlode over at Jenny OZ: more sparkly helmet covers than you can shake a crystal-studded crop at. Of particular note: the sparkly hoof picks and brushes. For only $55 a pop you can have the most glamourous grooming tools in the barn.

Found any more strange, cool, twinkly goodness? Please post a comment and tell us where you found it.

Edit: I think the dog knows more than he’s letting on. (scroll down a bit to see what I mean–this is one of my favourite blogs btw)

Edit #2: Victory Canter also offers Equicharms to hang on your tack…



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