Horse news in brief, 2006-07-28

28 07 2006

Poor thing! Missing horse found in Palm Beach County…

Care of Charleston carriage horses under scrutiny

Still no explanation for seven fatal breakdowns at Del Mar track…

Rare Canadian Horse foal born in PEI…

Wadworth Shire horses are off on their summer holidays

Buy one riding lesson, get the second one free

Jockey to deny causing horse’s death while Paul O’Neill apologizes for headbutt…

Barbaro stable and regrowing hoof…



2 responses

29 07 2006

I am so glad Barbaro is doing better!

24 03 2008

this is a great article its sad they had to put the poor boy down 😦
But i really wish they would relize the horse maybe famous but there are and were other horses off worse than he WAS I wish people would move on and send there support for horses that arent dead yet and need all the love, help, and care they can get. So screw the cards, and vidio’s for just half a second and think he wasnt the only horse on this corupted earth!

Thankyou and thats not it but for all those idiots out there with NO CLUE and cant compriehend this, this is it……….. for now!

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