Gucci’s 85th anniversary horse

1 08 2006

Charles and Marie report that Gucci has come out with a stuffed leather horse in honour of the company’s 85th anniversary (they started out making tack, don’tchaknow). This little cutie can be yours for a mere $1095 (US) or £500 (UK). If you’d prefer something a little less upscale, there’s always this… 😉

DNA analysis reveals that horses and bats are related

1 08 2006

As reported on at Free Your Imagination

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Keeping horses cool in the heat

1 08 2006

Right now, the humidex here is hovering around 46C (that’s about 125F). When the weather’s like this, it’s important to make sure that your horse is cool and hydrated. Over about, you’ll find strategies for preventing heat stroke in equines and what to do if it happens, while Equisearch offers a detailed list of heat stress symptoms. If you’re using fans in the barn, please make absolutely sure that wires and cords are kept well away from where animals can get at them; horses are curious critters and one mouthy grab could be fatal.

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