Equestrian sports poll!

2 08 2006

Poll: Which equestrian discipline would you like to see added to the Olympic lineup?

Sorry, LuckyPolls changed their system and f’ed everything up. The poll is dead. Long live the reader survey!

World Equestrian Games, Aug 20 – Sept 3, 2006

2 08 2006

The World Equestrian Games will be starting soon in Aachen, and feature competition in seven disciplines: show jumping, dressage, three-day eventing, driving, endurance, vaulting and reining. If you can’t be there in person, you can monitor the action through a webcam mounted on top of the Judges’ Tower, order some souvenirs, or watch all the action on TV. CBC Country Canada will be showing the Games in Canada; HorseTV will be handling U.S. coverage. Any readers outside North America who can let everyone know where the Games will be broadcast in their country?

Oh, and the 2010 Games will be held in Lexington, Kentucky.

Ann Wood’s horses

2 08 2006

Ann Wood is a talented artist who has set herself a goal of making a little horse every Monday, Wednesday and Friday:

The horses are something I started a while ago and then slacked off on. They are little experiments intended to loosen me up, permission to try stuff, paralysis prevention. I’m going to make them until I have 100.

Pictured above is horse #71, Winston.

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