Equestrian sports poll!

2 08 2006

Poll: Which equestrian discipline would you like to see added to the Olympic lineup?

Sorry, LuckyPolls changed their system and f’ed everything up. The poll is dead. Long live the reader survey!



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5 08 2006

Gosh, I was so impressed when they added reining, that I really can’t think of what else I’d like to see. Team roping is pretty impressive, but all that jerking can’t be good for the calves or the horses, for that matter, so I’m torn about that one. Cutting, perhaps? Hmmm.

What about vaulting? Vaulting has always impressed the heck out of me, and isn’t it already included in the World Equestrian Games?

21 08 2006

I can’t see them adding roping, simply because I don’t think it would fly in Europe (it may even be illegal there–I think I read something to that effect recently). Cutting would be great although outside of the Americas, I think only Spain would have any history of that sort of sport. It saddens me that some people want to eliminate equestrian from the Olympics altogether, because of the costs and logistics involved. (Yet others want to add competitive ballroom dancing; go figure) There are far more riders in the world than there are archers or synchronized swimmers; equestrian pulls in the horse-crazy audiences even if the TV coverage sucks.

26 08 2006

Got to be vaulting. IMO a much more interesting sport to watch than show-jumping or dressage since everyone performs their own routines in the kür (freestyle), but obviously not the compulsories, and it looks so spectacular at the higher levels. Such a great sport that also gives the younger folk a chance.

The only other equestrian sport I’d like to see in the Olympic lineup is reining. Although the routines are basically the same, it’s pretty fun to watch.

I’m basically looking at it from a spectator point of view. Well, 50 million people don’t like to watch paint dry…

1 09 2006

What about cross country riding? It’s part of 3day, but a phase itself, is very exciting for spectators! Many people treat xc as a sport itself. Watching horses gallop in these fields jumping huge solid fences? It’s daring, bold and nail-biting action, not just for the spectators!

In addition, I’m not that big of a fan of reining. The reiners I am around here are usually Quarter Horses which are, in my opinnion a boring breed to watch. And reining, is not as nice to watch as Dressage. [It is interesting that they chose that sport..] However cutting is exciting. It is fun to watch, and it’s a very horse-involved sport.

Vaulting is beautiful and equally beautiful to watch. Could you imagine doing that kind of gymnastics work atop a horse!?

11 05 2007
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