Heroines and Horses

10 08 2006

Producers of a Canadian film about the special partnership between women and horses are looking for stories. Open Road Productions is a Nova Scotia-based production company developing this film for CBC Television.

Heroines and Horses is an intimate portrayal of Canadian girls and women who overcome life’s obstacles by gaining strength and inspiration from a very unique bond: their friendship with a horse. The film will look at diverse relationships Canadians have with horses and why females in particular are drawn to this large animal as a companion.

Please contact Donna Gabriel with thoughts and story ideas at donnaroy@eastlink.ca, tel: (902) 446-2292.




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15 04 2007
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[…] Heroines & Horses […]

4 02 2010
horse information

I have heard of this things. Using heroins to racing horses. IT will boast there stamina and strength. But i am just worries , does this chemicals can shorten the life expectation of horses?

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