Horse scents

15 08 2006

It’s NUZZLE! The only fragrance that celebrates and embraces the equestrian and helps horses too: a portion of all sales is donated to So what’s it smell like? “You are part of a strong, passionate, dedicated, elite group, yet you are feminine, and you like it! Nuzzle perfume knows how particular you are. Ribbons of lush Fruity Plum, BlackCurrant, and SweetPineapple are highlighted with touches of juicy Orange and Lime. These essences evoke feelings of freedom, and elation.” If that isn’t your thing, they also have lip balm (apple-flavoured, of course!), sachets, and snazzy pink or black ball caps. They’re also looking for someone to be the Nuzzle Girl.

Nuzzle isn’t the only equine-inspired fragrance out there. Brandy was inspired by a palomino Central Park carriage horse: “Described as distant fields, rolling aromatic meadows, apple and peach top notes, and herbaceous heart notes create this wonderful fragrance that has gained quite a loyal celebrity clientele in the equestrian, sports and entertainment circles.”

If you’re looking for something a little more authentic, you can’t go wrong with Demeter. Famous for their (unnervingly!) accurate reproductions of familiar scents like Humidor and Waffles, they also have fragrances to soothe any horse-lover’s soul: Leather, Riding Crop, Saddle, Stable. Then wash it all off with the Trail Boss Bar by Cowgirl Skincare.


Black horsemen get their due in son’s tribute

15 08 2006

Cowboy Logic reported today on a Philadelphia Inquirer article on black horsemen. From the article:

For a 10-year-old boy, spending a weekend in the company of men – expert horse trainers – working side-by-side, listening to their conversations, and sharing their equine victories can leave a lasting memory.

Lee E. Downing experienced that weekend treat in 1959 with his father, Thomas Downing, a dedicated horse trainer, and his father’s friends, African American men who held similar jobs in the American Saddlebred show-horse business.

In A Forgotten Horseman: A Son’s Weekend Memoir ($26, hardcover), Downing, who lives in North Wales, pays tribute to his father and other black horse trainers who, over months of rehearsing and grooming, prepared the horses for show competition.

It’s a fascinating story, and if you’re looking for a great late-summer read, this memoir would be a rewarding choice.

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