Black horsemen get their due in son’s tribute

15 08 2006

Cowboy Logic reported today on a Philadelphia Inquirer article on black horsemen. From the article:

For a 10-year-old boy, spending a weekend in the company of men – expert horse trainers – working side-by-side, listening to their conversations, and sharing their equine victories can leave a lasting memory.

Lee E. Downing experienced that weekend treat in 1959 with his father, Thomas Downing, a dedicated horse trainer, and his father’s friends, African American men who held similar jobs in the American Saddlebred show-horse business.

In A Forgotten Horseman: A Son’s Weekend Memoir ($26, hardcover), Downing, who lives in North Wales, pays tribute to his father and other black horse trainers who, over months of rehearsing and grooming, prepared the horses for show competition.

It’s a fascinating story, and if you’re looking for a great late-summer read, this memoir would be a rewarding choice.




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15 05 2007
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[…] Black horsemen get their due in son’s tribute […]

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