Horse news in brief, 2006-08-16

16 08 2006

Barbaro taken outside to graze; he’s gaining weight and “his overall attitude is great”…

Suffolk woman wants to introduce Spanish mustangs to the UK…

Oldest known Przewalski horse dies at age 34…see pictures of her at Cryptomundo

Horse rescue operator indicted on cruelty charges…

Singapore company releases exercise machine which simulates riding…

Upcoming computer game from CDV called Rider’s World

The Herald looks back at the career of showjumper Harvey Smith

Equestrian Association of Malaysia proposes building an equestrian centre in every state…

Owners of rare horse breeds are asked to participate in an Equine Genome Research Project being carried out at Texas A&M…

Stubbs the Appaloosa celebrates his 44th birthday at the Air Force Equestrian Academy near Colorado Springs…




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