More amazing horse pictures

29 08 2006

One from artist Jim Warren:

Can you find all seven horses in this picture?

I know what you’re thinking: “Ooh, wonderful, a picture of a frog.” But just tilt your head a little to the right…

Second pic found here.




19 responses

29 08 2006

LOL. It took me a while to see the frog!

13 12 2007

What is the frog supposed to be?!?!?!?!

29 05 2008
29 05 2008

i couldn’t see the frog untill i read amarenth’s comment is it an eye illusion

29 05 2008

i can only find 6 horses that includes the invisable one

21 06 2008

hip horray!!!!!!!!! lol! i am da 1st one to know da frog is a horse

26 07 2008

i could only find 3 horses, haha. of course the main horse, the horse in the clouds, and the horse on the left (cave wall). Where are the other ones??

It took me a while to get the frog one, but once i turned completely left (haha i was barely tilting my head at first), i was able to see it clearly. a horse!

28 07 2008
14 08 2008

I only found 4 at the top! The main horse, the side green horse, the wave horse, and the cloud horse! Were are the other 3 other horses? I am so confused!
I found the frog thing! It was so cool! But help me on the first one!

14 08 2008

Omg! The invisable horse conts I didn’t see that coming! Wow! That is so cool! Now I found 5 yay! I need help on the other 2! Please help!

28 08 2008

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11 09 2008

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11 09 2008

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19 10 2008

WOW cool picture of frog but i can only find 5 horses

16 12 2008
18 01 2009
14 03 2009

You guys are not very observative if you cock your head ever so slightly to the right you can’t miss horse from frog.

The invisible horses are are as above but look at the upside down in purple, and splash on the rocks, in the waves, on the cave wall, in the clouds, the obvious one in the middle,and I can’t find the 7th one I don’t know

14 02 2010

The one upside down in the purple, the splash, in the waves, cave wall clouds and the one in the middle. The 7th horse is not ther guys. The artist has it on some website and says “Even tho the 7th horse has fled, his tracks are still there” The 7th horse is the hoof prints.
The frog one is cool to-lol

17 04 2009

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