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6 09 2006

Ferdinand…that Ferdinand, winner of the 1986 Kentucky Derby, wound up on someone’s dinner plate in Japan?

It’s true.

He was also voted Horse of the Year in 1987.

After he was sold to Japan, he turned out to be a disappointment at stud.

Guess they couldn’t think of anything better to do with a horse like that.




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7 09 2006

And it’s been reported that his meat was sold with the tagline “Eat an American champion.” By the way, today (Thursday), there’s a bill being voted on to stop this kind of thing in the US. Won’t help Ferdinand & other horses in Japan, Germany, etc., of course, but it might help future racers. Lexidiem has an interesting look at this subject: the headline reads: “Barbaro burgers legal after Thursday.”

7 09 2006

Unreal. It’s amazing that we can treat creatures so disposably.

7 09 2006

Amaranth said it perfectly.

Horse slaughter sickens me, absolutely NO REASON for it, none…

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