Apassionata with Andalusian stallion

20 09 2006



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21 09 2006

I was bothered by the fact that the “unbridled stallion” wears a wire halter. What’s up with that? I guess it’s not a bridle, so the title IS technically correct….
Interesting, though.

9 11 2006
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29 04 2007
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5 11 2007

its ok but not nearly as good and breath taking as cavalia

10 10 2008

hes like herding her around… looks like hes going to strike her

15 11 2008

To answer a note I saw above, he’s still got a thin halter on because he is a stallion, and there is a crowd, what if he took off into it? or if something happened and he became dangerous towards the girl It would be nice to have some way to control him and i have doubts that thats a WIRE halter.

Also to Hannah, it’s the act.

3 02 2012
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