26 09 2006

Star and friends by Gilliamhome

Star and Friends – Appaloosa with an Avian Fetish! Originally uploaded by Gilliamhome

Man, horses are expensive, aren’t they? Herewith, some places to find FREE stuff for them and you. Do check the fine print to see if they’ll send to where you live; many may be US only. Also, please don’t abuse the companies’ goodwill!

Download free horse health care record forms from Farnam

Tack catalogue from Canada’s tack superstore, Apple Saddlery (you can also download the catalogue and sales flyers)

Potager Farms will send you a sample of dog or horse treats for the price of shipping ($2.50)

Dry Stall will send product samples to the feed store of your choice

Supplement samples from Allivet

Downloadable bookmarks, charts and e-books from Acreage Equines

Free booklet and DVD from the Arabian Horse Association

Free laminated Rotational Deworming Barn Chart

Free info and DVD from the American Morgan Horse Association (US/Canada only)

Free sample issue of Horses in Art magazine

Free sample of PR1MERO Total feed (UK/Europe only)

Subscribe to Your Horse magazine and receive a free Equine Emergency Bible and a Cottage Craft girth (UK only)

Free sample of Stud Muffins horse treats (UK only)

Vitalin offers free samples of horse, dog, cat, or ferret food (UK only)

Download free barn plans at

Ascend supplement sample from Farnam (no choice of formula)

Free sample of Nu-Image supplement

Free sample of Absorbine Veterinary Liniment Gel

Free Baby Magic Wipes (admit it, you do too use them on your horse–good for cleaning dirty faces and nostrils)

Assorted free samples from Wal-Mart (just because)

Free catalogue from Chicks Discount Saddlery (international!)

Download and print free bit measure from Libertyville Saddle Shop

Fence installation DVD, fencing sample and brochure from Gardner Fence Systems



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27 09 2006

And now I may have died and gone to heaven. Thank you, thank you for the link to horses in art magazine.

27 09 2006

Thanks for the links! If you find more, let us know. The Farnam Health Care Record and the Bit Measurer will come in handy.

27 09 2006

great links, thnx! I am off to get free stuff now. Excellent post AGAIN 🙂

28 09 2006

Thanks for the nice feedback; it’s always gratifying to know someone’s actually reading this thing (LOL!). If I find any more offers I’ll post them right away.

1 10 2006

Hi, everyone.

There is a big issue for horse lovers before the Senate right now. Three foreign-owned horse slaughter plants here in the USA are killing American horses to sell to diners in Belgium, France and Japan. They kill the horses, harvest the meat, and then ship it overseas. There is a bill before the Senate right now to ban this practice in all 50 states.

Me and some friends are asking people to send an email to their senators asking them to push this bill through and vote to end horse slaughtering. The bill has already passed the US House of Representatives and this is the last hurdle before it goes to the President for his signature.

A common misperception is that the horses are old or sick – not true. Many are under 2 years old and healthy, and are sold simply for money.

Here’s how you can help – everyone needs to contact their senators and indicate they don’t want our horses dying to feed other countries.

Go to and type in your zip code. Send an email to both of your US senators and tell them to stop this terrible practice. The vote is coming before the Senate next week so please do it NOW! 🙂 Thanks!!!

And here is a blog that we set up so you can read more information about it:

🙂 Thanks!!!

22 10 2006

Jenny, I’d be happy to link to you, and it’d be nice if you could add a link to Bridlepath as well.

25 11 2006
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30 03 2007
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29 04 2007
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