Seriously, it’s the only sensible choice

26 09 2006

I <heart> WordPress

Logo by Baxter/EndOfLevelBoss

Thought I’d take a moment to tell y’all why you should be blogging with WordPress:

  • Responsive technical support from actual humans
  • I know it sounds corny, but there’s a real community feeling
  • You can view your blog stats, where your hits are coming from, and which posts people are reading
  • No ads (OK, some people grumble, but this is a huge one for me; I’m just sick to death of having ads shoved in my face every moment I’m online)
  • Free, but you can pay for upgrades if you so choose
  • Lots of nice themes to suit every taste, although I would die a happy woman if I never saw the blue and white Kubrick theme again
  • You can add links to your blogroll without having to know HTML (although I have rather a lot of HTML experience, I’m guessing most bloggers don’t)
  • They actually remove reported splogs
  • Because it’s so clean, you get good search engine rankings
  • Plenty of fun widgets
  • Ruthless and intelligent built-in filters to keep out comment spam

If you’re not happy with whatever you’re using, switch over to the Firefox of blogs. 😉 Check out this great list of features if you don’t believe me…



One response

5 06 2007

Here is a comprehensive Blogger-Wordpress featurewise comparison without bias :


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