Use your illusion

1 10 2006

Dragon or face?

Find the mounted dragonslayer in this picture. (Link)

Museum exhibit: The Draft Horse in America

1 10 2006


Thought I’d round out today’s theme by telling you about an online exhibit at the International Museum of the Horse called The Draft Horse in America: Power For An Emerging Nation. I’m a little disappointed that there’s no mention of the American Cream Draft, the only draft breed to emerge from this continent. Did you know that many American Creams get their lovely colour from the champagne gene? (I’m still not sure if all of them are champagnes, or whether some of them are in fact cream dilutes–or both)

Horses on stamps: Kampuchea

1 10 2006

Shire horse




Vladimir Heavy Draught

Italian Heavy Draught


Carriage and four

Another Vladimir Heavy Draught

Horse news in brief. 2006-10-01

1 10 2006

Nebraska draft horses, originally uploaded by John Daharsh.

Asia’s biggest donkey fair losing out to technology…

It’s almost time to pony up for the annual Oakland (California) Black Cowboy Parade and Festival

Stories of paranormal pet activity (including ghostly horses in a living room!)…

Equitech Software releases “Dressage Divas” and “Perfect Ponies” programs…

Ponies at the centre of the doping scandal in Jersey have all tested positive for a powerful sedative…

2006 International Plowing Match in Peterborough, ON

1 10 2006

Each year the Ontario Plowmen’s Association in partnership with a local Plowing Group hosts the International Plowing Match and Farm Machinery Show; this year’s event was held in Peterborough. There are classes for both tractors and horses. Feast your eyes on all those gorgeous draft teams!

I love roans


(Coppertop, this last one’s for you ;))

More photos available at the IPM Gallery.

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