More draft horse museums

2 10 2006

Suffolk Horse Society Museum

If you’re ever in Woodbridge, Suffolk, pop in to see the Suffolk Horse Society Museum, devoted to the Suffolk Horse, more usually known as the Suffolk Punch breed of heavy working horse. The Museum displays the history of the breed and its Society, the work of the blacksmith and the harness maker, the world of shows and showing, the work the horses did and the life of the horsemen. The Society’s remarkable collection of paintings are on show, plus a large number of exceptional and early photographs. The museum is situated in an impressive Elizabethan building in the middle of Woodbridge, and is a fitting tribute to a breed of horse which touched on the lives of everyone living in the County of Suffolk before the days of the internal combustion engine.

At the Virginia Horse Center, you can visit the American Work Horse Museum, the creation of Dr. and Mrs. Henry Buckardt who gave their entire collection of horse-drawn agricultural equipment to the college of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Virginia Tech. The Buckardt Collection has been supplemented by additional machinery generously contributed by members of the Virginia draft horse and mule community. The Museum presents dozens of photographs of horse-drawn machinery in actual use. These rare archival photographs are courtesy of the Blue Ridge Institute and Museum at Ferrum College.

In Luxemburg, you’ll find the Ardennes Draft Horse Museum in Munshausen, a living museum devoted to the draft horse.

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