What is it, exactly…

9 10 2006

about horses and cats?!


Monty the police horse retires

9 10 2006


And finally, some news from my own neck of the woods…Kingston Police horse Monty and his handler, Constable Brad Wicklam, are both retiring from active duty. It was always nice to see those two around town. Link

Um, I guess that’s some good training there…

9 10 2006

The hell?!

Yes, those are BEARS. This display was held during a show at the Animal Games in a wildlife park in Nanjing, in eastern China’s Jiangsu province Tuesday Oct. 3, 2006. The show was one of many events held to attract visitors to the park during the week-long National Day holiday. Link

Lipizzaners grace new coins

9 10 2006

Lipizzaners grace new coins

Lipizzaner horses are engraved on new Slovenian 20-cent euro coins at the Mint of Finland in Vantaa October 6, 2006. Slovenia will implement the euro on January 1, 2007, the first of the 10 new European Union countries to do so. Link

(Spelling tip: there’s a “pizza” in the middle of “Lipizzaner”)

New pulling record set in Michigan

9 10 2006

The Yoder and Hatfield team completes a full pull with 4,775 pounds on a dynomometer to set a new world record in the heavyweight horse pull at the Hillsdale County Fair.

Two Belgians named Smuck and Roger are the new holders of the world record in the heavyweight horse pull. The team, owned by Chris Hatfield and Terry Yoder, completed a full pull of 4775 lbs. (that’s just over 341 stone, for you Brits) at the Hillsdale County Fair in Michigan. Link

Top 15 posts, 2006-10-09

9 10 2006

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Budweiser’s 9/11 tribute

9 10 2006

85th Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe

9 10 2006

There’s a lovely little film celebrating the 85th running of the race:

The publicity film, The prize they all want to win, evokes the unique and global aspect of this race. France Galop and DDB have produced a metaphorical film where 5 different breeds from around the world congratulate the winner very ceremoniously, bowing beautifully and respectfully.

The film will be showing in over 500 Screenvision and Médiavision cinemas, in and around Paris every week.

Can’t figure out how to embed it here, but you can watch it at this link.

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