New pulling record set in Michigan

9 10 2006

The Yoder and Hatfield team completes a full pull with 4,775 pounds on a dynomometer to set a new world record in the heavyweight horse pull at the Hillsdale County Fair.

Two Belgians named Smuck and Roger are the new holders of the world record in the heavyweight horse pull. The team, owned by Chris Hatfield and Terry Yoder, completed a full pull of 4775 lbs. (that’s just over 341 stone, for you Brits) at the Hillsdale County Fair in Michigan. Link




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9 10 2006

wow! look at the power of those to gorgeous equines!!

amazing muscles.

16 10 2006

I think maybe there’s a digit missing in the number 4775 lbs. Maybe a typographical error on the part of the writer???? I have some photos taken at a horse pull at a local county fair in Sept. The stone boat is clearly marked with the weight at 9,500 lbs. and it’s a medium weight team. Unbelievable strength those horses have.

16 10 2006

That’s a good point! I copied&pasted from the original article so it isn’t me. 😉 Maybe they meant kilos?

3 12 2007

what about the horses’ ass driving them, he probably adds 300lbs. to the load!

1 02 2008

The weight is accurate. They are pulling a dynamometer which was invented by a professor at Iowa State in the early 1920’s and replicated by many other land grant ununiversities such as Purdue, Illinois and Michigan State. The weight is the load placed at the draft of the horses and they must move the entire “machine a distance of 27 feet and six inches. Roger and Smuck are still competing and winning pulling contests but their record was bested by Bob and Louie in 2007. Bob and Louie are also owned by Mr. Hatfield and Mr. Yoder. As for the comment about Mr. Hatfield, I estimate his weght closer to 175# and he is and excellent horseman who takes very good care of all of his horses. It only took Roger and Smuck about 20 seconds to pull the record load the required distance.

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