Butterscotch, My Furreal Friends Pony

10 10 2006


According to Toy Wishes magazine, Butterscotch, My Furreal Friends Pony (from Hasbro) is slated to be one of the hottest toys this holiday season. “The Butterscotch furreal friends pony has many features just like a real pony, including moving eyes, ears and head, soft fur coat and a swishing tail. Butterscotch the pony loves being groomed, and fed. Kids can even sit on Butterscotch, who gently bounces.” Suggested retail price: $299.99 US. Link (Engadget seems less than enthralled…)



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4 11 2006

This item is so great. We saw it on display and were instanly sold. I think it is any little girls dream come true. We ran right out and bought 4 (for our nieces). They are already difficult to find (had to go to 4 stores and finally call in a favor from a friend who works in the toy Dept. To get our hands on them). I imagine they will get really tough to find as it gets closer to christmas. My only complaint, they are a bit costly (we got ours for $268 each) but i guess that is the price you pay for technology.

5 11 2006
Steve Litchfield

Agreed. Utterly fabulous toy, though we’re still saving up, they’re 50% more expensive over here!

There’s a good video of the Butterscotch pony at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYON1xZBWxY , by the way.


14 11 2006
Another helping of Butterscotch « Bridlepath

[…] Found this video of Butterscotch, the Furreal Friends pony, at YouTube. It’s amazing (and to be honest, a wee bit freaky) how the toy responds to its environment. I still think I’d rather have the real thing, though. […]

24 11 2006

and have it shit everywhere? I don’t think so

2 10 2009
Tegan Templeton

There are loads of different FurReal toys availble now…all equally as cute and cuddly and a lot more affordable that the Butterscotch Pony.

If you’re struggling for cash this Christmas check out the rest of the Hasbro FurReal Friends dynasty at http://furrealtoys.gowiseup.com and you’ll be amazed at what’s now available!!

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