OMG ponies!!!!!!

11 10 2006

(Why, yes, I have been waiting ages to use that headline)

Fell ponies

Greenholme Rambler Longstreamlet Noel Auckside Danny Boy heads originally uploaded by narnia fells

The Bewilderness reports that EU regulations requiring that all ponies be microchipped has led to Dartmoor ponies being withdrawn from their traditional habitat and sold; the moor is starting to revert to impenetrable scrub…

I’ve come across a new blog devoted to British native ponies; I know from experience how fragile new blogs can be, so please do check it out and maybe leave an encouraging comment…

The BBC reports that the Fell Pony breed is in danger of dying out…

New Forest ponies have been invading campers’ tents (look, people, it could be worse–we have bears over here)…

“Trail of Painted Ponies” art competition

11 10 2006

Trail of Painted Ponies

Seeking designs to imaginatively transform 2-ft tall horse sculptures into original works of art that celebrate what is special and unique about our nation, following the theme, “America the Beautiful”, for 3 categories: The American West (traditional designs that evoke romantic notions of the American West, as well as colorful and creative, contemporary perspectives on the legendary West of yesteryear), The American Spirit (including patriotic and even military designs, as well as dramatic presentations that evoke hallmark principles of freedom, equality and independence), and Americana (designs that cleverly represent historic aspects of American culture). $1,500 honorarium and promotional benefits. Images of Painted Ponies will be exhibited and publicly juried on website for cash prize of $5,000.

For more application and submission form, please contact:

Rod Barker
The Trail of Painted Ponies


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