OMG ponies!!!!!!

11 10 2006

(Why, yes, I have been waiting ages to use that headline)

Fell ponies

Greenholme Rambler Longstreamlet Noel Auckside Danny Boy heads originally uploaded by narnia fells

The Bewilderness reports that EU regulations requiring that all ponies be microchipped has led to Dartmoor ponies being withdrawn from their traditional habitat and sold; the moor is starting to revert to impenetrable scrub…

I’ve come across a new blog devoted to British native ponies; I know from experience how fragile new blogs can be, so please do check it out and maybe leave an encouraging comment…

The BBC reports that the Fell Pony breed is in danger of dying out…

New Forest ponies have been invading campers’ tents (look, people, it could be worse–we have bears over here)…




3 responses

12 10 2006

these ponies are essential!! I hope measures are taken to protect the Fell pony also…

14 10 2006

Hi there ,found you via Whiskeykitten – OMG the Fell ponies are in danger of dying out? They’re decendent from the friesian war horses brought over by the romans way back then – it would be complete tragedy!! I’m going to check out those links you posted – oh, and I also added you to my blog roll – chat soon!

17 04 2007
Ponies need to go « Bridlepath

[…] OMG ponies!!!!!! […]

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