Fear factor of Australia’s wild horses studied

15 10 2006

Yarrangobilly Brumbies, originally uploaded by iansand.

University of Queensland PhD student Sarah Joseph is researching alternative methods for managing Australian feral horses.

Feral horses, or brumbies as they are commonly known, are an invasive species in Australia.

With helicopter shooting currently banned in Queensland and New South Wales, and general opposition to lethal control, property managers are looking for new methods of deterring feral horses from their land.

“Management of feral horses is an increasing problem for property owners and protected area management alike,” she said.

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The haunted horsey

15 10 2006

evil inside, originally uploaded by Cilest.

I’ve decided to start my Halloween horseapalooza posts a little early.

This story is one of my Google Groups finds; originally posted on alt.folklore.ghost-stories, October 2001.

Haunted Horsey
by Ed Price

Three-year-old Billy Vernon loved the house where he lived with his parents. It was large and roomy and there was plenty of room for a young boy to play. He had thoroughly explored every corner, every room, and even the attic. There was nowhere on earth that Billy would rather be than the house on Paca Street in Baltimore, Maryland.

Christmas in 1911. One of Billy’s presents was a little wooden horse. The toy was on wheels. A string was attached so Billy could pull the horse all through the house. Wherever he went, his “Horsey” was sure to go. Unfortunately little Billy fell victim to scarlet fever that spring. A week later he closed his eyes for the final time, his beloved Horsey cradled in his arms.

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Horses on stamps: Libya

15 10 2006


New life for old show ribbons

15 10 2006

Quilt by Halt Near X

Ribbon quilt by Halt Near X

Are you fortunate enough to have a bunch of old show ribbons, and you’re not sure what to do with them? Try fashioning them into a beautiful keepsake quilt, wall hanging, or pillow! I bet they’d make cool lampshade covers too. Sarah at Halt Near X has made a couple of gorgeous quilts and is kind enough to provide instructions; I really like the horsehead one, above.

Pillow by ShowThrow.com

Pillow by ShowThrow.com

If you don’t have much of an inner Martha Stewart, Lani at ShowThrow.com will make something out of your ribbons for you.

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