“Yuppified” Marshfield Pub in UK bans regular pony patron

16 10 2006

Morning MistEverything changes, for better or worse. Case in point: A happy little country pub in Marshfield, near Cardiff and Newport, was home to locals in need of liquid refreshment and a place to commiserate together.

Now the new landlord of a pub has banned one of the pub regulars, a two-year-old pony named Morning Mist.

The old grey mare [eh? she’s only two! ed.] was apparently a devotee of John Smiths beer, and was a regular customer at the Port O’Call pub along with owner Tony Manton.

Yuppie newfangled bar owners Graham Wheatley and Craig Thomas took over the pub, the mare named Morning Mist was subsequently given the “Tara Reid” treatment and denied entry based on the grounds of health and safety.

Understandably, Manton, 62, bemoans the drastic changes at his old watering hole pub. “I don’t blame them for what they are doing but it’s becoming a ‘yuppie’ pub. Not only have they done away with the pony, but they have got rid of the bar stools and tables and brought in settees and the like.

“It’s no longer one of your traditional country pubs.”

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Horse news in brief, 2006-10-16

16 10 2006

North Berwick Sunset HDR, originally uploaded by Krasnyi Fotoapparat.

Canada’s horse racing industry is asking for increased tax breaks for horse owners, in order to attract more investment…

New study reveals that horses prefer red, green, brown or grey floors…

Two horses died at a recent Civil War re-enactment…

Efforts are underway to reintroduce donkeys to Mexican agriculture…

The Black Stallion Literacy Project is seeking teachers and their schools to get involved with the program…

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