18 10 2006

Do you do anything fun with your equine(s) on Halloween? (Sandy Berge at Sable Morgan Horse Farm sure does!) Send pix and stories to defrostindoors <at> gmail <dot> com if you’d like to see them posted on Bridlepath.

Charlie Feathers: A ghost story

18 10 2006

Midwinters night

A Midwinter’s Night originally uploaded by vinny27911

I found this one through Google Groups; the poster said it was originally posted on the Draft Resource Board.

Charlie Feathers

by Shelby Weeks

“It will take a few minutes to work.” I injected calcium into the cow’s jugular vein, slipped the needle out, capped it, and returned it to my breast pocket. Like all of Dean Paulus’ cows, she was a registered Holstein that would produce a remarkable amount of milk once she was over the milk fever that I’d been called out to treat.

It was a fine night for October, mild and clear. A breeze stirred wisps of hay in the mow. The barn was dark beyond the circle of light cast by a dim light bulb hung overhead on a knotted extension cord.

A flutter of barn sparrows in the rafters drew my eyes upward.

“It is haunted, you know,” Paulus offered from the hay bale where he sat leaning against a massive beam that supported a shadowed roof fifty feet above us.

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