Murphy’s horse laws

22 10 2006

If you do a thorough check of your trailer before hauling, you can be assured that your truck will break down.

There is no such thing as a sterile barn cat.

No one ever notices how you ride, until you fall off.


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Still more spookies

22 10 2006

Devil Horse II by wintermute23

Devil Horse II, originally uploaded by wintermute23

This tale was posted by FreeFilly at HorseCity:

Well my horse ghost story isn’t scary at all but… Back story first.

We owned a very beautiful spirited Paso Fino mare who I had a very strong bond with. But we had to sale her because she was my dad’s horse and he would hit for not understanding what he was doing (one time he beat her for not loading in a trailer) which him and I would get in HUGE fights over. I did the most unselfish thing in my life and let her go to a wonderful woman who was good with her. About a year later the mare dies after going to her first show of colic. Not anyone’s falt.

I didn’t find out she had died untill a few days after she passed. But the day she passed I was home alone watching T.V. and the song that I call her song came on and I thought about her and was planing on writing her new owner to see how she was doing. But things got busy and it went to the back of my mind.I got a email from the owner telling me how well the mare did in the show (good news first) and how they won their classes. Then after reading that part to my family I see the bad part. That the day after the owner saw there was something wrong and it was colic they had the vet out but the nicest they could do for her was put her down. Even though I had sold her I was so sad and to this day I think of her daily.

About a month after she died my mom was helping me feed and she asked if there was any horses over by her. There wasn’t they were all asking for treats from me. She then tells me that she just saw Chiquita (the mare) running by the barn.

And not long after that first time we have all seen her around our horses, by the barn. I see her mostly at feeding time. Out of the corner of my eye. I still miss her but I know she hasn’t left me.

Here’s another from the rec.equestrian archives:

I know half of you think I’m nuts anyway, but this really is a true story…

A few years ago I rode at a big show barn in Northwest New Jersy that had one of its barns burn down in 1985 or 1986. About thirty horses died in the fire and it was pretty widely reported because three people died too. Anyway, they built a new 40 horse barn with an indoor attatched to it on the same spot. I was at the barn pretty late one night, finishing up after lessons and I was the only one around. I thought I heard horses running aournd in the indoor. Thinking that someone had left their horse out by mistake, I went out to bring it in, but there was noone there. I was pretty freaked out and I finished what I was doing as fast as I could. Of course once I went back into the barn, I heard the horses again. I left as fast as I could.

I know all this sounds a little far fetched, but has anyone else had similiar experiences.

Hallowhinny, part three

22 10 2006

Family Education has instructions for a quick & easy horse costume to make:

Time: 1 hour
Effort: Fairly easy – some sewing required


  • Matching color shirt and pants
  • Matching color knit hat
  • Yarn
  • Needle with eye large enough for yarn
  • Black socks and shoes
  • Black gloves (optional)
  • Face paint (optional)
  • Instructions: Sew yarn through hat to create mane, leaving ends 5 inches long. Tie ends together to secure. Make yarn tail desired length. Attach tail from inside of pants with safety pin (being careful about placement of pin so that it won’t stick the child). Paint face with white markings.

    As for your critter, Equinarts has some great tips; they’re the people behind the fabulous Pegasus costume in the last post.

    Hallowhinny, part two

    22 10 2006

    Remember me asking if you ever dressed up your equine for Halloween? Here are some ideas to get you started.

    Thank you very muchBlue suede hooves?

    Elvis never goes out of style.
    Tiger horse?

    This isn’t quite what they mean by “Tiger Horse“…

    Poodle horse

    Admit it, you know at least one horse for whom a poodle costume would be appropriate.

    Merlin and Dragon

    Ditto for the dragon costume.

    Ghost riders!

    This one could be tricky.

    Little drummer horse

    Make up your own “different drummer” comment.

    You know, I never get invited to that sort of party. 😦 (But if you do, you can buy this costume)



    Mi Fire Love

    Of course, Arabians have a head start on the rest of us.

    Sea horse (groan!)

    There’s always the (ahem) sea horse option. (Sorry)

    Eat more chiken [sic]

    The last two photos are from Central Kentucky Riding for Hope (formerly Central Kentucky Riding for the Handicapped), who have all sorts of fun Hallowhinny things planned for October 28, 2006. If you’re in the area, why not check ’em out?

    Consider sponsoring a PMU mare

    22 10 2006

    Stablegirl has an urgent message for horse lovers:


    Many, many PMU mares are in danger of slaughter if they are not rescued by the end of THIS MONTH. Even if you don’t have the means to adopt one of these wonderful animals, you can still help by sponsoring a mare.

    Sponsoring means that you pay a $550 fee to save the mare from the slaughterhouse, plus $75 per month to cover her board, feed, shots, hoof care, etc. She’ll be kept safe on a farm in Canada, and you can even visit her if you’re ever up that way!

    This is a wonderful way to save a life. Please consider it if you possibly can.

    To sponsor a mare, please call United Pegasus at 626-279-1306 as soon as possible!

    You can read more about Stablegirl (Melissa) and her PMU mare Rhona at her blog.

    More spookies: The man in the barn

    22 10 2006

    Barn by Night, originally uploaded by jscene1.

    Story found at The Shadowlands, a fantastic site with hundreds (if not thousands) of true stories submitted by readers. I’ve cleaned up the formatting, spelling and grammar somewhat (a perpetual problem at that site, unfortunately).

    The Man in the Barn

    My grandfather always told me and my cousins about experiences that he had had with ghosts. This first sparked my interest, and I became fascinated with ghosts and other paranormal activity. However, I never really wanted to see a ghost; I just liked hearing other peoples’ stories about strange happenings.

    Our family lived in the city for most of my life, and when the decision was made to move to the country I couldn’t have been happier. We quickly moved onto an old farm. There was a ranch house and a huge barn. Both the barn and the ranch house had been rebuilt just 10 years earlier and were in great condition. The stalls in the barn were made of cedar and oak, and the aisles of the barn were made of beautiful interlocked brick. I loved it here and for the first time in my life I loved where I lived.

    It wasn’t long before things started happening though. The first time that I felt something was when I was in the barn tacking up my horse and getting ready for a hack with a boy that I had met from down the road. Well, there was a cellar entrance just below the cross ties that had been bolted shut. The barn was built on the old foundation, so this cellar was from the original barn that had been built over 100 years ago. My horse started to freak out; he was rearing and trying to break free. I tried everything I could think of to calm him down, but he continued to rear. I finally got him off the cross ties and into his stall, which was at the other end of the aisle; he quickly calmed down. I decided to take out my mom’s horse instead. I put him on the same cross ties and started to tack him up. After about ten minutes he started to freak out like my horse had done before. I was a little rattled and put him back into his stall. He quickly calmed down. I decided to just wait for Brian, the boy that i was going riding with, and then he could help me tack up. He was much taller and stronger than I was, so I figured it would be easier for him to handle the horses if they freaked out again.

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    Orkney ghost horse stories

    22 10 2006

    take my hand, originally uploaded by littlelakey.

    Recommended: The Horse (by W. Towrie Cutt) and The white horse o’ Clumly.


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