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23 10 2006

Shadow horse

According to local lore, an out-of-control horse and wagon went into a bottomless pond in Abington’s Mount Vernon Cemetery many, many years ago and never came out

Strange Maine (utterly fantastic blog, btw) has a tale of a man and horse who disappeared along a road on Vinalhaven

In the spring of 1914, the shadowy figure of a horseman appeared in the sky over Columbia, South Carolina…

The BBC brings us a report of a ghostly horse encountered along a Warwickshire canal…

A Michigan woman often finds intricate braids in her horse’s mane and thinks Bigfoot may be responsible… (via WWT)

This is probably more “WTF?!” than “eek!”, but Damned Interesting (a site which more than lives up to its name) reports on the tale of a jockey who died on Thursday, then won a race on Friday…

While there are no horses involved (yet), you can still find a few fine spooky tales at http://theghosts.wordpress.com

Reports of zombie horses here

How horses deal with bears

23 10 2006

Image source: QTours of California

A Swedish harness horse racer and three of his horses were attacked by a bear during a weekend training session; one of the horses sent it off with a kick which may have broken the bear’s leg. The bruin still managed to get up after a while and limp off into the bush; police will be looking for it to determine how bad its injury is. The man and his horses were fine. (Link)

This just in: Four and a half hours after I first posted this…Swedish authorites are now questioning whether the attack took place at all…

Silver Spike at Horse Chestnuts had a much more peaceful encounter with a bear this summer while out on the trail, and was kind enough to let me share my terrifying partridge story. 😉 Also, once, out on a trail ride with my best friend back home (northern Ontario), I asked her what we should do if we ran into a bear, which was not at all unlikely. Her sage advice: “Hold on tight and let the horse take ya home.” Of course, her horse had Go Man Go/Three Bars breeding, so she was going to be getting home a hell of a lot sooner than I was…

More spookies: My father’s home in the canyon

23 10 2006

Another Shadowlands submission, also edited for clarity.

My father’s home in the canyon

Hi, my name is Jess, and from 1998 to 2000, my father lived in a tiny house at the bottom of a canyon in Crosbyton, Texas. In this canyon, there are two other houses, but they are both on the other side of the Caprock and we hadn’t ever really met them, other than a chat while my fater and I occasionaly rode our horses past (Crosbyton is an old, run down ranch town where there aren’t a whole lot of people). Anyway, when my father was showering one morning alone, he claimed he heard someone calling his name. Thinking it was my aunt who lived down the road about 7 miles, he quickly dressed and went out to look for her. He called her name, and when there was no reply, he assumed she had returned home. About 10 minutes later, he called my aunt, and when she picked up the phone, she had been asleep! While in that house, my sister was less than a year old when they moved in. She would lie in her crib and smile and laugh when my stepmom would be sewing or something. When she walked over to see what Emmy (my sister) was excited about, she saw Emmy watching something dash from one side of the ceiling to the other. While on my grandparents ranch (also in Crosbyton — the L7 Ranch) my father took his old horse Dudley out in to an isolated pasture that my Grandpa didn’t use much. As he entered the pasture, Dudley, who by nature is a very calm horse, went wild. There was absolutely no way that horse was going to go inside the pasture. Wondering what was wrong with Dudley, my Dad dismounted and checked his hooves for something that might have hurt him. There was nothing. He finally got Dudley calmed down, but as soon as he mounted him to try to get him inside the pasture, my father heard the faint crying of a baby. When he realized there wasn’t a living person within a mile’s radius, my father and the quite shaken horse got out of there as fast as he could. Later on, they discovered many Comanche grave sites that haven’t been touched in over fifty years, as the ranch has owned that land for quite some time. In those graves, they discovered a chief, a few men, and, in one grave, a tiny child no older than 3 years. To this day, neither my father, nor the horses or cattle will enter or graze this sacred pasture.

(Wonder if he means this L7 Ranch)

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