How horses deal with bears

23 10 2006

Image source: QTours of California

A Swedish harness horse racer and three of his horses were attacked by a bear during a weekend training session; one of the horses sent it off with a kick which may have broken the bear’s leg. The bruin still managed to get up after a while and limp off into the bush; police will be looking for it to determine how bad its injury is. The man and his horses were fine. (Link)

This just in: Four and a half hours after I first posted this…Swedish authorites are now questioning whether the attack took place at all…

Silver Spike at Horse Chestnuts had a much more peaceful encounter with a bear this summer while out on the trail, and was kind enough to let me share my terrifying partridge story. 😉 Also, once, out on a trail ride with my best friend back home (northern Ontario), I asked her what we should do if we ran into a bear, which was not at all unlikely. Her sage advice: “Hold on tight and let the horse take ya home.” Of course, her horse had Go Man Go/Three Bars breeding, so she was going to be getting home a hell of a lot sooner than I was…




2 responses

24 10 2006

oh my! I have encountered bears while riding when I lived in N.MI. The first time my old guy ever saw one, I could feel his heart thumping loudly! He was just as suprised and shocked as the bear. i am glad the horses and owner are okay!

24 10 2006

oops I just saw where the attack was in question now…..ack! why do people lie?!?!!!!

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