Spookies in brief

23 10 2006

Shadow horse

According to local lore, an out-of-control horse and wagon went into a bottomless pond in Abington’s Mount Vernon Cemetery many, many years ago and never came out

Strange Maine (utterly fantastic blog, btw) has a tale of a man and horse who disappeared along a road on Vinalhaven

In the spring of 1914, the shadowy figure of a horseman appeared in the sky over Columbia, South Carolina…

The BBC brings us a report of a ghostly horse encountered along a Warwickshire canal…

A Michigan woman often finds intricate braids in her horse’s mane and thinks Bigfoot may be responsible… (via WWT)

This is probably more “WTF?!” than “eek!”, but Damned Interesting (a site which more than lives up to its name) reports on the tale of a jockey who died on Thursday, then won a race on Friday…

While there are no horses involved (yet), you can still find a few fine spooky tales at http://theghosts.wordpress.com

Reports of zombie horses here



One response

24 10 2006

Thank you Defrost Indoors, for referencing(sp?) my site on yours. I very much appreciate all the publicity I can get.

As for stories and such involving horses, I publish what is sent to me. I would love to publish something about horses. They are such beautiful creatures. Send in your own story and I will publish it as well.

Thanks again,

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