Silver dapple update

24 10 2006

Northgait's Dakota, silver dapple bay

Northgait’s Dakota, bay silver dapple Mountain Pleasure Horse gelding

I recently told y’all that scientists had found the gene responsible for silver dapple–genetic testing is now available! Contact UC Davis or Pet DNA Services for more info. I hope a test for dun is in the works as well. People often don’t understand horse colours or how they work; all too often I see people claiming a horse is a rare or unusual colour (which jacks up the price or stud fee accordingly) when they don’t have what they think they do. I’m willing to believe most people are just simply misinformed, but I’ve also seen people making claims when they ought to know better–don’t know if that’s deliberate deceit or wilful blindness…



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3 03 2009

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