Clydesdales celebrated in song

30 10 2006

MusicScotland offers a collection of songs on the specific subject of the ‘gentle giants’ — Clydesdale horses — sadly no longer part of the rural scene.

The project is produced by Robin Laing and consists of previously recorded songs plus others specially recorded and engineered by Davie Scott for the project.



2 responses

31 10 2006
I Gallop On

Where do you find these intereesting things?! That’s very cool. I wish they had some tracks you could listen to online. Now if someone would just come up with a collection of songs about Percherons. 😉


31 10 2006

Thanks! 🙂 There *is* a track called “Percheron Stallion” on the Horse Whisperer soundtrack, but I’ve no idea what it sounds like…

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