And then there was one

31 10 2006


Carl, left, and Sparky

One of the last two pit ponies has died, aged 29. The Welsh pony, called Carl, retired from Ellington Colliery, in Northumberland, in 1994 and was being cared for by the National Coal Mining Museum, near Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

The museum said: “Carl will be sorely missed as he was loved by all who met him. That leaves only Sparky. He is 35 years old.” More than 70,000 horses worked in the mines 100 years ago but by 1994 there were fewer than 20. (Link)

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3 responses

1 11 2006

awwww how sad 😦

35 yo!! wow Sparky is an old guy.

My horse is 27, I hope he lives A LOT longer……..

6 11 2006

sorry carl ,i’m know your missed dearly,i hope you live another 35 yrs sparky you go baby

4 04 2007
Britain's oldest pit pony has died « Bridlepath

[…] oldest pit pony has died 4 04 2007 Last fall I told you about how Sparky’s companion Carl had died; now Sparky himself has gone, at the ripe old age of […]

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