Horse news in brief, 2006-11-29

29 11 2006


Wild ponies on Assateague Island are threatening the environment, and the National Park Service is considering ways to keep the pony population down…

Mr. Ed

First annual Pantomine Horse Grand National held in Oldham, England…

High hay costs are leading to increased cases of abandoned and neglected horses in Oregon…

Three ponies were reportedly lifted into the air as a tornado struck the quiet English town of Boarhunt…

Some tips for talking your parents into buying you an equine for Christmas…

The FDA is warning horse owners about fumonisons in horse feed…

New research raises the possibility that Tutankhamun died from a fall from a horse or chariot…

The annual Riding of the Marches in Currie, Scotland, may become an endangered custom if no one can be found to lead the ride…

Koniks in Kent

28 11 2006

Koniks in Kent

A herd of wild horses have been imported to help restore a nature reserve.

The horses will be let out to roam free on an area grazing marsh on the river Stour, just five minutes’ walk from Canterbury High Street on Wednesday.

Thanks to the horses grazing on the site the land will become a haven for rare plants, animals and birds.

The horses from Holland are the closest living relatives of the extinct Tarpan, the wild forest horse that roamed Britain in prehistoric times.

The project has been organised by the Wildwood Trust and Canterbury City Council.


A few more freebies (plus contests)

25 11 2006

my Icelandic horse popped in to say good-morning, originally uploaded by Ms Nomer.

You know the drill: Do check the fine print to see if they’ll send to where you live; many may be US only. Also, please don’t abuse the companies’ goodwill! In case you missed it the first time around, here’s the other Freebies post with even more offers.

Sample of Mojojoint supplement (no PO boxes please)

Free Animal Poison Control Center magnet from the ASPCA

Sample of Crocodile Herbal Bug Discouragement (Best. Name. EVER.)

Sign up to win a free eBucket of horse treats

…or make your own with these free recipes from Animal Snackables

Download a free copy of Model Horse magazine (PDF format)

Free horse trading card with SASE (US only?)

All-natural horse treat sample ($3 s/h)

Free rope sample and catalogue from

Rein-Aid offers a free VHS video explaining the benefits of their products

Free horsey cross-stitch pattern

Bay Area Equestrian Network has legal forms (bill of sale, boarding agreement, etc.) you can download for your own use (PDF format)

Enter to win freebies from Your Horse magazine (UK)

Call for your sample of Winnies organic supplements

Embroider a horse tapestry with this free pattern

Free polarfleece blanket while supplies last (offer not valid in California)

Enter to win a $1000 shopping spree at Miller Harness

Download and print coupons for: Vita Flex, Rio Vista (grooming products and supplements), Farnam

When Canadians compete

24 11 2006

Interesting snapshot of the horse industry in Canada (research was done in 1998; don’t know how it might have changed in the meantime). Of the 64% of those surveyed in the random sample who are involved in competition with the horses that they ride or drive, approximately 60% compete in more than one discipline. When asked “In which discipline do you MOSTLY compete, please choose ONE”, here’s how people responded:

Hunter-jumper/Show jumping 25.78%
Dressage 18.70%
Other (not included in list) 13.88%
Western pleasure 9.07%
Barrel racing/Pole bending 6.52%
Team cattle penning 3.68%
Breed-specific competitions 3.40%
Reining 3.12%
Driving 2.55%
Rodeo 1.7%
Halter/Line classes 0.85%
Competitive trail riding 0.85%
Endurance riding 0.57%
Roping 0.57%
Saddleseat 0.57%
Polo 0.28%

Source: Equine Canada

Breakdown by province:

British Columbia:

1. Dressage
2. Hunter-jumper
3. Western pleasure
4. Eventing
5. Other


1. Other
2. Western pleasure
3. Hunter-jumper
4. Reining
5. Team cattle penning


1. Western pleasure
2. Other
3. Hunter-jumper
4. (tie) Barrel racing/Halter/Dressage


1. Western pleasure
2. Other
3. Hunter-jumper
4. (tie) Barrel racing/Halter/Dressage


1. Hunter-jumper
2. Dressage
3. Eventing
4. Western pleasure
5. Driving


1. Other (gymkhana)
2. (tie) Western pleasure/Hunter-jumper
3. Dressage
4. Barrel racing

New Brunswick:

1. Dressage
2. Hunter-jumper
3. Western pleasure
4. Eventing
5. Driving

Prince Edward Island:

1. Western pleasure
2. Halter
3. Reining
4. (tie) Competitive trail/Hunter-jumper

Nova Scotia:

1. Hunter-jumper
2. Dressage
3. Eventing
4. Western pleasure
5. Other

Newfoundland and Labrador:

1. Western pleasure
2. Other (gymkhana)
3. (tie) Hunter-jumper/Dressage
4. Barrel racing

No idea what “Other” usually means, or why it was identified as “Gymkhana” in two provinces when it wasn’t specified elsewhere.

Source: Equine Canada

I don’t wanna know. Well, maybe I do

20 11 2006

Here are some search engine terms people used to find Bridlepath:

“out of print, “Friesian horses”

blogflux directory of morocco

big toy horse feral friends

the fattest pony in the world

horse killpen

chains for training of horses abusive?

and my personal favourite…

had cast removed & hand really hairy

Erm, I hope they found what they were looking for…

New book: Tim The Tiny Horse

20 11 2006

Tim the Tiny Horse by Harry Hill

UK comic Harry Hill has written a book called Tim the Tiny Horse:

Tim, the Tiny Horse is definitely the smallest horse you could ever find. His stable is a matchbox with a tic-tac box conservatory and with a cocktail stick, some cotton and a hawthorn berry, Tim can play swingball. In this book, you can see what it’s like being Tim: the highs and lows of trying to get into radio; making a reality TV programme; or just kicking back and enjoying a hula hoop with his best friend Fly. Then there’s the serious stuff – Tim thinking about the meaning of life and his own mortality, Tim dealing with Fly’s new girlfriend, and, of course, his passion for Anna Ford on the telly…

Available through Amazon UK. Tiny Tim!


20 11 2006


Horse riders from the Middle East compete in a 120 km (75 miles) International Endurance Race in the desert of Wadi Rum in southern Jordan November 14, 2006. (Link)

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