Retired NYPD horses at centre of dispute

1 11 2006

Breonics president Ernest Green stands among 30 old New York City police horses grazing in Otisville, N.Y. Old New York Police Department horses done with pounding the pavement get to amble away their retirement years on gentle grass here. No shoes. No saddles. The only honking heard on this ranch two hours north of Manhattan comes from geese. It seems idyllic. except for the legal fight between New York City and Brenoics, the private ranch’s owners. (Link)




6 responses

2 11 2006

omg what a story with the TB thing……….

25 03 2007
Update on retired NYPD horses « Bridlepath

[…] November I told y’all about a dispute over retired NYPD police horses; it was felt that the animals were not getting proper care, a charge the caretakers denied. The […]

19 05 2008
Bruce Donahue

Hello my name is Bruce Donahue. I am a retired NYC Detective. I presently own 2 horses which are well taken care of and I would like to find out how I go about adopting a horse that needs caring, I live in Green Sea South Carolina my phone # is (843) 756-7568, or cell(843) 254-2050. I own 7 acres of land and they will be well taken care of. Can yiu let me know how I go about adoption 1.

4 10 2008
John Roe Jr

My family owns an old dairy farm on Shelter Island in Suffolk County. We would love to provide a home for retired NYPD Horses.We have over 80 acres and 2 barns.Can someone supply me with contact info to explore this further

3 03 2009
Pet Doctor’s Blog » Blog Archive » Police horse clocks out early

[…] Retired NYPD horses at centre of dispute […]

19 12 2009
Bruce Donahue

Like I have said in my prebvious email im an very interseted in adoptioning retired Mounted NYPD horses. I live in the country of Green Sea, South Carolina, I have 8 acres, plenty or room for them to roam and the will be kept under great supervision.I will be willing to do anything that you ask, I even spoke to my old Sgt who is the CO of Staten Islans ans he didnt think it would be that hard. I am truly sincere and someone please call me back…Thmak you. I have been asking for about 3 years now…so can someone get back to me with an answer. Thank you Gpd Bless and Have A Merry Christmas…..Yours tryuly Bruce Donahue 2293 Highway 646 Green Sea , South Carolina, 29545 home#9843)756-7568 cell#(843)254-2050.

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