The Ten Commandments for show ring parents

6 11 2006

IMG_3615, originally uploaded by mclements.


Yes, darlings, I know that’s a cow, but it’s good advice, no?

1. Thou shalt know the rules

2. Thou shalt allow your children to do their project themselves.

3. Thou shalt be supportive and involved.

4. Thou shalt allow your child to practice and participate.

5. Thou shalt provide proper equipment.

6. Thou shalt keep your attitude in check on show day.

7. Thou shalt not be show ring sideline director.

8. Thou shalt not complain about the judge.

9. Thou shalt not disparage the competition.

10. Thou shalt honour your child.


Otherwise you end up like this cow.

Don’t forget to vote!

6 11 2006

Patriotic Andre, originally uploaded by Ride n’ Fast &Take n’ Chances.

Just wanted to remind our American friends to do their patriotic duty tomorrow.

Old People’s Riding Club

6 11 2006

Old People's Riding Club

Too old for Pony Club? Wish you could belong to a noncompetitive group without all the breed politics? The Old People’s Riding Club might be the answer! Modelled somewhat on the lines of Pony Club, their mission is to promote safe and enjoyable horsemanship through educational activities to anyone over the age of 21 no matter the discipline. (Non-riders are welcome too). You can even take the tests and advance your rating, just like Pony Club. There are 28 chapters in the US at present, and one in Canada; if you’re interested, you can form one in your area too. If you belong to an OPRC in your area, Bridlepath would love to hear from you; post a comment or email me at defrostindoors at gmail dot com.

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