A plethora of registries

8 11 2006

Sabino Arab foal

Yes, there are purebred Arabs with lots of white! If you’ve got one which qualifies, consider the Sabino Arabian Horse Registry; there’s also a Sabino Horse Registry for all breeds, as well as the Blue-Eyed Horse Association

Again with the coat colours: there’s also the Brindle and Striped Horse International Registry

Recently stumbled across this page-in-progress for the Baroque Pony Registry; don’t know if it’s going to get off the ground, but the pictures are great…

Not purebred? Your critter might still qualify for the American Part-Blooded Horse Registry or the American Grade Horse Registry

The American Indian Horse Registry honours the horse of the Native American Nations, their hybrids and descendants with 5 classifications of registration…

The Canadian Livestock Records Corporation maintains online studbooks for the following horse breeds (as well as other critters): Canadian Horses, Clydesdales, Donkeys & Mules, Fjords, Hackneys, Haflingers, Icelandic Horses, Miniature Horses, Morgans, Percherons, Peruvians, Saddlebreds, Shetland, Dartmoor, Fell, Highland, Riding & Polo Ponies, Sport Horses, Warmbloods, and Welsh Ponies & Cobs.

Win a horse

8 11 2006

Win me!

Register for the 2006 HorseCity.com Super Prize Bonanza and you could win the grand prize: this cute Paint! Entry is free and there are smaller subsidiary prizes too (you may have to put up with some advertising, though).

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