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8 11 2006

Win me!

Register for the 2006 Super Prize Bonanza and you could win the grand prize: this cute Paint! Entry is free and there are smaller subsidiary prizes too (you may have to put up with some advertising, though).



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9 11 2006

When I was 13 in 4H in N.MI, my best friend L. won an appaloosa colt! What a great horse she made him out to be 🙂 he is still in Michigan living out his old age at her parents house.

6 12 2012


23 03 2013

i really want it because my horse died the other day and i am really sad

17 10 2008
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17 12 2008

i have always wanted pony and it seems im always the most happy whan i ride them.I go to a ridding school and i have been ridding for 5 years and i have wanted a pony since a was o.

17 12 2009


6 12 2012

i am 10 and i started riding at the age of 1 so HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

17 12 2009
Aundia Mehrrostami

Hello, my name is Aundia and I am 12 years old and I have loved horses since I was two. I started my passion when my father took me to a horse farm. I have entered this contest because I really want a horse and my family cannot afford it. The horse I think is the most beautiful paint I have ever seen. I have dreamed about having a horse since like 4ever. I have volunteered at horse farms to help take care of some of the horses that have been abandoned I do not have all the riding experience but i know everything else! It would mean the world to me if i won this gorgeous horse!!!! I pray to god every day that god would bless we me with a horse that will always love me and i will always love it i humbly ask if you believe that i deserve this horse i would promise to care and love for its entire life!

26 05 2010

Hi Im Anita and I have allways wanted a horse when I was younger and Know I have 3 kids and Im going to buy a farm with lots of land and I need a horse for my land.

13 08 2010

My name is Monica i do not own a horse but i lease one. He is a joy! But he is a bit older, i love him to death but i need a younger horse and i think i am ready to own one! i love horses know all about them and would take good care of this beautiful horse!

10 06 2011

hi i know how to ride a horse wanted one since i was 3 i absoloutly love them last year on vaca we went horse back ridin the last day we were there in the smokey mountains (we went to gatlinburg) our guide dan said i did preety good for my first time pleeeaaassssseee giv me that horse

26 12 2011

Hello, my name is Eliza. I am 15 years old and have been riding since I was 3. My dream is to barrel race all over the world. I need a good horse for that and I have the experience. I know lots of people diserve this horse more then I do and I have no right to beg for it but I pray every night for a good horse and if I win it would be the answer to my prayers.

18 03 2012

my name is molly i have loved horses ever since i knew what they where i first rode on a horse when a was 2 or 3. I put it on my x-mas list every year and I don’t get to see horses very often and every time my mum says she cant afford it i nearly cry.Please give this horse to me i would do anything and be so great full to you as my life goal has been to get a horse. thank you for reading

26 11 2012

And your blog is THE BEST #1!

6 12 2012

i love horses 🙂 i have my own lol LOL 🙂 i luv them

6 12 2012

i love horses so much i want 1 i can ride it has taken me years to beg my mum for a pony and she got me 1 i can not ride and that is really boring all i get 2 do is sit there and brush it and wathch it i HATE it i WANT THAT PONY x x x x x x x x x

29 12 2012

I would like to win this horse! not for me but for my best friend who has been riding my mothers horse, who is also a paint but not as beautiful as this one. she is leasing a horse but it has tendon problems so cant be ridden very much and if ridden only at a trot. I know she would love this pony because she loves a challenge and isnt afraid to get bucked off or fall off for any matter. she deserves this horse alot. she has helped and taught me to ride, i am a new rider. im on the OHSET team and if it wasnt for her i wouldnt be at were i am. i think a horse would be perfect for her because she doesnt have a horse to ride and my mom wants to ride her horse now… sooo, this would be a great oppurtunity to pay her back for all she has done for me! 🙂
Thank You for reading this

17 01 2014
Lillian Bonar

I really want this horse sooooo bad!!!!!! I have wanted a horse before i was born. Ever since i was a baby i have been getting on horses. Now i am taking riding classes. I want this horse soooo bad!

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