Another helping of Butterscotch

14 11 2006

Was told about this video of Butterscotch, the Furreal Friends pony, at YouTube. It’s amazing (and to be honest, a wee bit freaky) how the toy responds to its environment. I still think I’d rather have the real thing, though. 😉 Many thanks to Steve for the link!




2 responses

14 11 2006


I am so GLAD I have the real thing.

14 11 2006
I Gallop On

Did you see the Stephen Spielberge movie Alife???? She reminds me of that artificial bear. Kind of wierd and unusual …! I can see how Hasbro is going to sell these to parents of horse-crazy little girls.

So I found her at for $299.99. For $300, I think I would either 1) buy my kid a few riding lessons 2) sign her up for approximately 3 months of equestrian vaulting at a local club (see or send her to a week of horse camp in the summer.

Too bad she doesn’t canter around. But then she’d be $2,999.99!


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