Koniks in Kent

28 11 2006

Koniks in Kent

A herd of wild horses have been imported to help restore a nature reserve.

The horses will be let out to roam free on an area grazing marsh on the river Stour, just five minutes’ walk from Canterbury High Street on Wednesday.

Thanks to the horses grazing on the site the land will become a haven for rare plants, animals and birds.

The horses from Holland are the closest living relatives of the extinct Tarpan, the wild forest horse that roamed Britain in prehistoric times.

The project has been organised by the Wildwood Trust and Canterbury City Council.




5 responses

28 11 2006

They really are quite gorgeous. I’m glad you said what they are. Wonderful project!

14 03 2007
Ann Elflen

“the closest living relatives of the extinct Tarpan” ?

Are you sure about this?

Or, one of TWO close living relitives…



14 03 2007
Ann Elflen

The Sorraia is the other Tarpan decendant.

14 03 2007

Hi Ann,

Thanks for the info! It was the news source which called them the Tarpan’s closest living relative, fwiw.

18 04 2007

The Huzul horses that still live in the Carpathian mountains of Romania and Poland are also closely related to the Tarpan.

Thanks for the interesting info on the Sorraia, Ann, I hadn’t heard of them before.

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