Horse news in brief, 2006-11-29

29 11 2006


Wild ponies on Assateague Island are threatening the environment, and the National Park Service is considering ways to keep the pony population down…

Mr. Ed

First annual Pantomine Horse Grand National held in Oldham, England…

High hay costs are leading to increased cases of abandoned and neglected horses in Oregon…

Three ponies were reportedly lifted into the air as a tornado struck the quiet English town of Boarhunt…

Some tips for talking your parents into buying you an equine for Christmas…

The FDA is warning horse owners about fumonisons in horse feed…

New research raises the possibility that Tutankhamun died from a fall from a horse or chariot…

The annual Riding of the Marches in Currie, Scotland, may become an endangered custom if no one can be found to lead the ride…



2 responses

2 12 2006

hay is in short supply here and expensive as well.

I am still looking for a horse to adopt. I think as winter progresses, my chances will get better……..sad for many reasons tho.

25 03 2007
How come I never thought of that? « Bridlepath

[…] For more tips on getting your parents to buy you a horse, see this post. […]

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