What is it, exactly…

6 12 2006

…about horses and cats?! (redux)

The streaker

6 12 2006

Life on the trail in New Zealand

6 12 2006

Keith Roberts’ partner told him he was spending more time with his horse than her and that he should leave. He did, and for the past six years Keith, 58 and his faithful Connemara/Clydesdale Zara, 26, have wandered New Zealand roads. He’s owned Zara for 21 years.

“I sold my house in Auckland, got rid of all my belongings and hit the road, it was an enormous relief,” he said.

His two adult daughters told him to “go for it”.

The length and breadth of New Zealand has been travelled 2½ times since November 2000.

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Doesn’t she look great for 26? I’d love to ride through New Zealand myself someday.

New horse park in Springfield, MO

6 12 2006

Workers are busy turning land that once housed a private horse farm into a public park that will feature horses, while trying to teach environmental lessons to visitors.

The Springfield Parks and Recreation Department’s Equine Center won’t be ready for horses until pastures are restored and roads are built, said Jon Chamberlin, who is supervising work on the land near South Dry Sac Creek on the edge of Springfield.

The park will also offer visitors a chance to learn about sewage treatment methods. The sewage treatment education was originally planned for the adjoining Valley Water Mill Park, but a suitable site wasn’t available.

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