What is it, exactly…

6 12 2006

…about horses and cats?! (redux)



6 responses

7 12 2006

She must have had to cool down after all that mousing.
Darn cute!

7 12 2006

Wow, what an energetic feline. My cats will volunteer to exercise too- at dinnertime they’ll run to their bowls:) Cute, Cute, Cute!

9 12 2006

There’s a cat at the farm where I ride that is always sauntering into the ring during lessons and flopping himself down so you have to ride around him, like a fluffy orange cone.

9 12 2006

P.S. I’m here via I Gallop On.

17 12 2006

Love the matter-of-fact way the cat is just trotting along! Yup, they’ve got to be involved in everything. 😉

19 12 2006

I bet she’s not as cool at shoeing time.

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