Mysterious photo

17 12 2006

Dead horse in Sheboygan

Click to see larger version

A vintage Sheboygan photo, taken before the turn of the 20th century, has sparked some conversation in the community since its inclusion in The Sheboygan Press‘ 2007 calendar.

The photo, which is inside the calendar’s front cover, shows a scene at Eighth Street and Indiana Avenue, looking north toward the Eighth Street bridge.

In the photo, a dead horse lies in the street, roped off with string tied to stakes in the dirt road. A man in a top hat, bow tie and jacket sits on top of the horse, and people in the background are standing still, looking toward the camera.

Very strange. Why the top hat? How did the horse die? Why the stakes and string around it? Read more at the newspaper’s website. (Link via BoingBoing)

Update Jan 5 2007: CNN just reported on this story, and said that people were required to stay with their dead animals until they (the dead animals, not the owners) were picked up.  CNN Link Nice to see CNN pick up the story, several weeks later. 😉




2 responses

18 12 2006

I believe that someone had a wicked sense of humor!

10 01 2007
ken mcleod

top hat is what people of his class would wear if horse is dead then the ropes and stakes in the road would be to keep people at a distence horse may have a deases is the horse dead or is it a trick horse that he is showing not realy dead they may be filming a movie

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